IMS Compact Spydercrane


The Spydercrane is a compact crane designed to fit into tight spaces offering ease of maneuverability and lifting capacity that meets your confined-space needs.

Spydercrane Specs:

  • Battery powered engine
  • Machine weight 4600 pounds
  • Rubber track
  • Certified Crane Operator
  • Compacted Spydercrane size is 2 ft. wide X 4 ft. tall X 7 ft. long
  • Working hook height of main boom of 28.75'; with jib installed working hook height is 32.75'
spyder-compact-02-450 Spyder-Crane-79 SpyderCrane02 Spyder-Crane-3
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The Spydercrane is 2' x 4' x 7' when closed.

Interior pane glass installation, under ceiling beams, in tight space.

Interior glass installation

Installation of AC unit on a balcony. Railings, stairs, multiple levels and tight corners presented challenges for the Spydercrane to overcome.